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ruins in me  -prototype-

On a pouring rainy night, you came here in hope.
You must complete the ritual in this place.

This game is a prototype and the gameplay is about 10 minutes.
I'm glad you will support my development.

Movement - WASD + Mouse
Run            - Shift

Yellow Sub Weapon : twitter

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
Tags3D, Escape Game, Ghosts, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Retro


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I love it i wish to make full game with more puzzles and monsters, i really like old games Psx, thank you Dev

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I played this on a random horror games I really like this sort of style. I like the atmosphere and the silence in this game it makes it more scary and tense in that sense. 


Nice game dude like the psx style


Interesting game although short. I've always liked projects involving a style similar to PSX, and this is one of them. Very good. Kudos!


Okay so I did play this on my 3 Random Games video, but that's not the link I will embed here. Instead what I have is the Ruins in Me (Bad End) speedrun and my speedrun progression to what may be the world record.

Maybe the Good End speedrun to come soon? 




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The concept and mechanic in this game actually interesting. Though ghost are not some hideous creature, it still give me spook when it suddenly appear! Continue making games man!! (From Malaysia)


No le entendi muy bien pero me gusto :)


Honestly, your art and your games should be considered a reference in the retro PS1 games. This demo looks flawless and I really look forward to seeing the final product. Wish you the best! 


I made a 3 Scary Games video on this and I must say I was a little underwhelmed by how short it was and how the items spawn in the same area every time. But considering this was a prototype game, I would assume they would be fixed or tweaked in a full release. 

Here is my video and this game starts at 13:23


 very scare

Looking good so far.


Great start to a game! Love the style and the eerie atmosphere!



Deleted post

I love the atmosphere of this game, it reminds me a good bit of corpse party!
I enjoyed the graphics a lot, they really helped set the spooky tone.
I'd love to see this game expanded on more! Maybe add a courtyard, or some new creatures. Overall I really enjoyed this one! Great job and keep up the great work!

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I enjoyed playing this game. I got 2 endings. at first, I thought the soul could follow me even when I'm running so I ran all the way to the entrance and then BOOM I left my soul lol. the evil soul ones are not that scary which I think is great if you do not want to play a really scary one or you are just starting to play a horror game. Good game man! 


really enjoyed this 


Pros and cons are down below) Check out the game here (the game is the 3d there):


1. The idea of the game is awesome! I loved the concept!

2. The style is very engaging. I believe that japanease school suits the concept of the game.

3. The game has different endings! Very cool and well- thought.


1. The ghosts don't seem menacing at all. Maybe it would be nice to add more of them or to make them look terrifying.

2. I wish to see more lore. What happened to the soul in the first place? Why ghosts look like normal student? etc.

3. Hints are kind of useless. You' ll find keys anyways. It would be more interesting if some of the doors would be locked with an evil spirit inside, so you'd need hints to know which doors to open (or something like that).


A very cool game! I think it has lots of potential! I really want to see the full version of the game! Can't wait! Though, you need to be careful, so the final version would not be similar to other horror games which take place in Japanese schools! As is, I'd rate the game 4/5 because the evil spirits were not challenging at all, so it was kinda strange running around the corridors.

Hope my feedback was useful!


so i am an intermediate horror gamer i've played outlast, pacify but this game was quite easy i downloaded it and within 2 minutes i finished the game. No thrill, not any horror environment game. i just give 3 stars to this game.


Great game! i hope it becomes a full game soon!

This was a great game, I enjoyed it. I liked the style and concept. I judged it too early by thinking it was a standard 'find objects while things are chasing you' game. The story element and having a purpose as to why you're looking for things made it its own game. I'm not sure if there was 2 endings or 3. Looking forward to more development!

Please check out the video (Game starts at 7:42) and my channel: VladMan

Thank you!


Pretty cool so far. Definitely wanna see more of this. Nice job, I dig the PS1 style.


Interesting story and setting, gotta love the japanese school layouts and how its presented, hated the controls and camera angles though.


the style, the atmosphere, sound effect, and the gameplay is really good and smooth, had lots of fun playing this game.

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omg, the scene, the style of design, so scary. reminded me of ps1 game like resident evil2

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wow its a thrilling experience collecting the keys and the way your soul moves and the evil soul its effects and sounds are amazing :0)

waiting for next part :)


Game was amazing from graphics to gameplay. The ghost was a bit less scary but yah I loved the game.


This was REALLY GOOD! Everything about this game works perfectly... the atmosphere, gameplay, story, multiple endings, character design. Everything is spot on. I loved playing this! 

Thank you for playing. I'll keep going.


Thanks for the game

Thank you for playing


Contains spoilers:
I reallllyyyyyy liked this game! I liked the graphics style and especially the environment... a japanese/chinese (whatever it is). Immediately reminded me of White Day: A Labyrinth named School.

- I also loved the controls/movement. The only thing is, when you are near a wall, it gets very weird and a little hard to control the camera for example when you walk down the stairs. I know it's hard to adjust that but still :D
- Also the sounds were really good, it was pretty quiet and the footsteps were really spiking out. 
- Also when it said "Don't let the evil sounds find you" (or something similar) I already got chills because I just didn't know how they look like, I didn't know how I would know when they are following me or "finding me". That's what really got me scared on the beginning. When I heard the music or heartbeat, I was panicking and looking around everywhere because I couldn't see the evil soul, so that's a nice aspect aswell!
- Though what I kind of disliked is the "monster" design. I loved how the character you control looks but that "monster" is kind of...I'm not sure. I just wish there was a scarier evil soul, maybe something flying and not running after you? And with an actual body, not just an outline and also maybe not a human? If there was some story then I would've understood why you would take that as the evil soul. 
- Also when the evil soul catches you, this happens (= screenshot 5). It immediately reminded me of Dread Out, very very cool!
- When you finally found all 3 keys it says "Find your soul and go to the exit". It sounds like "To find your soul, go to the exit" so I thought that if I would leave, I would find my soul. But I didn't know that my soul was that girl (me) sitting in that one classroom and that I have to walk up to her and make her follow me. So maybe I would change the end task to "Find your soul or exit the school" or "Find your soul then exit the school". 
I liked that this game had 2 endings though! Really good!
- When you made your soul follow you, you couldn't run too fast because the soul would stay behind and not follow you anymore. I absolutely loved that "feature". It made the chase (if it happened) a bit harder and more intense, really really good! 

It's hard for me to rate this game...everything was really good except the monster/evil soul design. But with a great monster design it would be a 10/10. 
So I'll give this one a:

9/10 = 5 stars :)

Thank you for playing. 
All the feedback help me develop


hey love your games, cant' wait for the full game, love the atmosphere and style of the game, what kind of shader you use for those lovely dither effect ? did you make it yourselves ?

Thank you for playing.
I use unity and this shader asset.


It was a nice short game. I do wish for a little bit more backstory. I don't see how key are related to her soul... The fear factor of the game could use a little more polish, but hey its a prototype. I got to experience both endings and more than just a text display would go a long way for the player. As a far as a prototype go this was solid, no bugs or errors.

Thank you for playing through both ending.  Yes, adding backstory and I'll polish and adjust prototype.

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