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Dimension Of Void is a 3D action game take place in the world created by the god of despair.

Your mission is to find and overthrow the lord, Unborn. Ultimately, bringing light to the world where evolution was forbidden.

-- Install instructions --
Unzip the folder and launch [DIMENSION OF VOID.exe]

-- Features --
* Available only for Windows(64bit) 
* Duration is about 30 min
* Play the Demo to check your PC's system requirements
* Only for Xbox 360 Controller (Others not verified)

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Tags3D, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, Singleplayer


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Dimension Of Void.zip 46 MB
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The game doesn't lock your mouse, and xbox 360 controllers (the type the game supports) aren't exactly common now a days.  Because it doesn't lock your mouse, you constantly click things on your other monitor while trying to play in game, making it virtually unplayable.  You have to constantly move your mouse the opposite way of your second screen to make sure you aren't clicking out of the game.  This makes it so instead of looking left, you have to turn and look right so far that you end up facing left

Thank you for your comment.
We have found the cause of the problem and will fix it soon.


First of all... I sorry for unable to finish this game!! I don't know what to do but I still having fun playing it!! Its quite interesting concept and I still gonna figure how to actually find the final boss!! But I agreed with Dreamcaster as some of the hitboxes unable to connect to the enemy. But still, keep up the good work!!! 

Love From Malaysia.

Thanks for playing!
I'm sorry about the collision bug.
If you collect 5 plates, you can fight the last boss in the last stage.
And you can see the plates on the pause screen.


I got to play this a little today, some feedback I have is this game would benefit greatly from having a camera lock on mechanic, and it seems like some of the player attack hitboxes don't always connect with the first few enemies.

Thanks for the play and feedback.
The camera lock was not my skill.
But I will implement it in the next one.


I'm having a lot of fun with the game so far!
I'm currently not at home so I'm playing on a simple laptop without a controller and I'm getting some framedrops which is fine because they are not so extreme but the mouse look has an odd smoothing and sometimes when the framerate is high the mouse speed seems faster and the otherway around. Which makes mouse look a bit difficult. also, I would prefer to use space to roll. Because Ctrl is a bit difficult to hit quickly when it's located between the "fn" and windows button. And sometimes my hits will not register. (maybe?)
Other then that, I really like the game and definitely worth the money! : ) keep it up!


Thank you for your advice about keyboard input. Not [Ctrl], but also [space] key is available to roll on latest update.

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I love this little game. The gameplay feels great and the level design is interesting. Nice end boss. Cinematic like the one in the end really add to the mood, I wish there was more of it in the game. Maybe for the sequel!?

Thank you for playing.
I'm planning to make other works with the same world view and history.


A good PS1 style game. I really enjoyed playing, despite being short. I can't say if, because I played the Demo, the full version has more skills, but still the game is great. Congrats.